Conversion table

Convert A Multiplied by
From imperial units to metric units
Inches (in)    Millimetres (mm) 25,4
Centimetres (cm) 2,54
Metre (m) 0,0254
Foot (ft)   Centimetres (cm) 30,48
Metre (m) 0,3048
Yard (yd) Metre (m) 0,91
Cubic feet (ft³) Cubic Metres (m³) 0,028314
Pound (lb) Kilogram (kg) 0,4536
Short ton (tc) Metric ton (mt) 0,9072
Long ton (tl)  Metric ton (mt) 1,016
From metric units to imperial units:
Milimetres (mm) Inches (in) 0,04
Centimetres (cm) Inches (in)  0,3937
Metre (m)  Inches (in)  39,37
Foots (ft) 3,281
Cubic metre (m³) Cubic feet (ft³) 35,3145
Kilogram (kg) Pounds (lb) 2,2046
Metric ton (mt) Short ton (tc) 1,10
Long ton (tl) 0,9842

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